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West Pointers at Monterrey

September 21, 1846 was one of the worst days in West Point's young history. The academy lost 11 men that day, all of whom led from the front and showed the courage and ability to lead under strenuous conditions. Had they survived, there is little doubt that they would have gone on to become generals in the Civil War. Many had already shown their courage at two prior battles at Palo Alto and Resaca de la Palma, but Monterrey was a different kind of battle. One where the courageous often died marching down the city's streets looking for their objective. Below is a list of the West Pointers who perished from wounds received at the battle:

NAMEUNITYear GraduatedNumber Graduated
in Their Class
Capt. Lewis Nelson Morris (serving with 1st infantry.)3d infantry182017Killed
Capt. G. P. Field3d infantry183419Killed
Capt. Henry McKavett8th infantry183424Killed
Brevet Major P. F. Barbour3d infantry183428Killed
1st Lieut. Charles Hoskins4th infantry183640Killed
1st Lieut Douglass Simms Irwin3d infantry184040Killed
2d Lieut. R. Hazlitt3d infantry184323Killed
Brevet 1st Lieutenant James Sterrett Woods2d infantry184417Killed
Capt. William George WilliamsEngineers182415Mortally Wounded
1st Lieut. Richard Hill Graham5th infantry183843Mortally Wounded
2d Lieut. Rankin Dilworth1st infantry184413Mortally Wounded