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Texan Volunteers At Monterrey

Texan soldiers played a critical role at the Battle of Monterrey. For many of them, it was a chance to "right the wrongs" of so many conflicts between the two countries. Many, but not all, of these Texans had been Texas Rangers. One group of Texans, known as the "West Texas Rangers" contained many former Texas Rangers who regularly battled Indians and other criminals along the western Texas settlement line. Another group of Texans at Monterrey known as the "East Texas Rangers," hailed from the more civilized eastern counties of Texas. Few of the eastern regiment had been rangers before, although some had fought at San Jacinto and in other Texas battles.

The list below of Texan soldiers who fought at Monterrey is a "who's who" of Texas soldiers. Many had fought together previously against Indians, criminals, or Mexican soldiers and formed tight bonds which lasted a lifetime. At Monterrey, they encountered many of the same Mexican soldiers that they had seen in other battles. Some of the Mexican soldiers had treated them badly so the Texans sought them out for revenge, while the some had treated them well in prior encounters and these men were sometimes spared. No other group had such a familiarity with the Mexican army as the Texans and they provided an invaluable resource for Zachary Taylor. Unfortunately the undisciplined Texans also brought with them bad habits, like heavy drinking and rabble rousing, and most were discharged after the battle, in spite of their bravery.

This is a list of some of the more notable Texans at Monterrey. Read "A Perfect Gibraltar, the battle for Monterrey, Mexico" to learn more about their roles at the battle.

Ben McCulloch
Bigfoot Wallace
Jack Hays
James Pickney Henderson
Michael Chevalier
Mirabeau Lamar
Richard Addison Gillespie - killed at Monterrey
Samuel Walker